How to Price

Finding the sweet spot between pricing your items to sell and selling them to be profitable can be tricky! But, here's the deal: PRICING IS EVERYTHING in the consignment sale world, and you'll want to be on your A-Game! Great pricing is often the difference between a 90% sell-through or in picking up a huge stack of items at the sale’s end.

On average, most items that sell at DDG will fall between $3.50 and $7.50. Of course, boutique items will sell for higher prices. There are a lot of boutique loving Mamas in Central Arkansas and the sweet spot for pricing boutique items falls somewhere between $8.50 and $15. Your goal is to turn clothing into dollars: price it to sell!!!
Questions to Ask Yourself
Here are two KEY things to ask yourself when pricing:
1. What would I be willing to pay for this item?
2. Am I pricing too high because I have “emotional taggage” and personal attachment to this item?
3 Simple Ways to Be a Pricing Rock Star!
1. Make sure your items are hanging securely and look neat on the hanger. Check carefully for stains and iron as needed. Button the buttons, zip the zippers and trim any loose threads. (You’ve heard this before, right? There’s a reason... It works!)
2. Leave your emotions out of it completely. You can get wrapped up in memories while you’re tagging baby clothes. It’s normal, but don’t let those memories affect your prices.
3. Attach tags securely and use great descriptions. If a tag is lost, the description is the best way to match it up with the item. When something loses its tag, DDG won’t sell it. Great descriptions can be your best tagging tool!
How does the half price sale work?
Duck Duck Goose has specific times during each of our sales where your items have the opportunity to be sold for half of the original price. As you're entering your items into our pricing system, we will ask you if you want to allow your items to go half price. If you do, then during the designated half price time period, those items are eligible to be sold for half the original price. Items not designated as half price can still be sold at the full price on the tag.

Letting your items go half price is highly encouraged! You have spent time hanging and pricing and your home is neater and cleaner because of your efforts! Do you really want to bring a bunch of items back to your cleaned up space? Moms are always delighted to come back on check pickup day and only have a few items to take home! Letting your items go half price is key. You'll also be delighted to see your sales amount grow at the end of the week! You're in complete control of which items go half price.
How can I tell if an item is marked as half price?
As the consignor, you get to decide if an item has the chance to be sold at half price. If an item has been designated to NOT go half price, there is a black dot that will appear on the tag. An easy way to remember what the dot means is "DOT = NOT."
What does it mean to donate my items?
Duck Duck Goose has partnered with local charities to receive any items at the end of the sale that did not sell and are marked as "Donate" by the consignor. Additionally, any items that are not picked up by the end of the pick-up period are donated to charity.
How do I make price tags for my items?
Our online tagging system will generate the tags for you. All you need to do is login to your consignor account and enter your items into our system.

We also have a number of tips on how to tag your items, so be sure to read through our best practices if you are unsure how to securely attach a tag.
How do I determine my selling price?
We have a couple of best practices to help you determine the perfect selling price.

In general, ask yourself "how much would I pay for this item?" You can also take the retail price and subtract 75% to get to a good selling price. Each brand will have a different suggested selling price, and to help you, we have compiled a list of brands and price ranges.

Click here for a printable version