Tips for Shopping

Before you leave home...
Know your kid's sizes, including shoe size and bring them written down, especially if you are shopping for more than one child. Remember that you will be most likely purchasing clothing for the next season. If your child is currently on the border of a size it may help to buy the next size larger. Sometimes bringing your child’s measurements is easier, especially since sizing from different manufacturers varies. Bring a tape measure with you to compare your child’s measurements to the items you are interested in purchasing. Good measurements to have include length from back of neck to hem for dresses, pants length, inseam, waist, hip, and chest. Land’s End has a great sizing chart that may be helpful for obtaining and understanding your child’s measurements. If you are unsure of current shoe size, stop by a shoe store to have your child measured before the sale or trace your child’s foot onto cardboard and bring it with you to “try on” shoes without the child present.
Bring something to carry your special finds!
If you can, bring a laundry basket or large tote bag(s) to hold your items while you shop. DDG has blue Ikea bags for use in the store.
Make a wish list!
If there are particular items you are looking for, it helps to make a wish list. A list adds a bit of order to the trip and may help you stay on budget.
Think about special occasions...
Is there a special occasion coming up (Holiday, photos, wedding) that you will need dress clothes for your child? Consignment sales are wonderful places to pick up dress clothing, shoes and accessories. They are often only worn once, so can be resold for like-new at a fraction of the original cost.
Shop Early, Shop Often!
Going on the opening day will give you a better chance of finding items that are on your wish list. At Duck Duck Goose the last day of the sale is the discount day when most items are half off the listed price.
Seasonal Workers
Consignors can now sign up to help for pay at a sale event! Duck Duck Goose is hiring seasonal workers at minimum wage to help during our busy times.
Bring money for your goodies!
Make sure you have money! Duck Duck Goose accepts cash, Master Card, Visa, and Discover. Using cash makes it easier to stick to a budget!
Look over your items closely
Once you have picked out the items you are interested in buying, really check them out in good light, if possible, or even with a flashlight. Check seams and underarms for holes; look for stains that are unacceptable, zippers and snaps that work, or worn out knees/elbows. Duck Duck Goose restricts torn or stained clothing from being sold, but sometimes they slip in, so it helps to carefully inspect before you buy, since there is a no return policy. For purchasing toys, be sure all parts are included and in working order. I’ve had the experience of not carefully inspecting toys only to get home and find parts broken that were not obvious. If an item is taped shut, ask a salesperson to open the item to let you inspect it. Be courteous and do not take apart taped up boxes or packages!
If you are looking to purchase a car seat, check the expiration date on the bottom of the seat. Duck Duck Goose has a policy of not selling a car seat that is more than five years old.
When is your next sale?
Our sales are seasonal--spring and fall. Click here for a list of our sales this season to find one nearest you. Of course, you're welcome to shop them all! We can't wait to see you!