What can I bring?

Duck Duck Goose accepts a wide variety of clothes, toys, baby items, furniture, and more. Here's everything you'll need to know about what we allow (and what we don't) in our sales!
Not sure what to consign? Do the DOT!
1. Defect-Free: Clothing should be in excellent condition. Items with stains, holes, pilling, or signs of wear won't be accepted. Be sure to clean toys and baby equipment before bringing them to a sale.
2. On-Trend: Styles should be on-trend and in season.
3. Top-Brands: Some of our favorite brands are J. Crew, Mini Boden, Gymboree and Matilda Jane
Items We Accept
Duck Duck Goose quickly sells out of quality double strollers, car seats, baby swings, high chairs, baby beds, Power Wheels motorized vehicles, and outdoor play equipment such as Little Tikes and Fisher Price. Quality items are what sets Duck Duck Goose apart. We accept the following types of items:

Children's Clothing: All sizes from newborn to teen are gladly accepted during our scheduled drop off periods.
  • Baby Items: Sizes 9 months and under will be limited to 50 hanging items per consignor.
  • Seasonal Clothing:
  • During the spring sales we only accept spring items.
  • During the fall sales, we only accept fall items.
  • Halloween costumes are accepted only during fall sales.
  • Swimsuits are only accepted during spring sales.
  • Jeans are accepted in both fall and spring sales.
  • Baby Equipment and Furniture:
  • Examples: strollers, beds, cribs, pack-n-plays, exersaucers, swings, high chairs, etc.
  • Baby Accessories:
  • Examples: baby play mats, booster chairs, bibs, bathtubs, blankets, etc.
  • Children's Shoes:
  • All shoes must be in excellent condition. No stains or scuffs.
  • Toys, Books, DVD's, Blue-Ray's for Children
  • Note: All items must be thoroughly cleaned, include all pieces, and be in working condition.
  • Maternity and Women's Items:
  • Note: There is a 10 item limit. We will be particularly tough on what items we will accept.
  • Blue jeans
    Boys cargo shorts
    Dance leotards
    School Uniforms:
  • Note: School uniforms will be sold in solid colors only. No plaid, school specific uniforms will be allowed. Please price uniforms appropriately, as they are not top sellers.

  • Items We Do NOT Accept
    Duck Duck Goose will no longer accept crib bedding or bumper pads
    Breast pumps
    Stained or torn clothing
    Out-of-date clothing:
  • Note: Any item more than two or three years old will not be accepted.
  • Stuffed Animals:
  • Note: Stuffed animals will only be accepted if they are electronic or new with a tag.
  • Craft Show Items:
  • Example: Oil paintings, etc.
  • Household Items:
  • Examples: Lamps, pictures, rugs, bedding sets, etc. that is not children's room decor.
  • Battery operated toys without batteries:
  • Note: Buyers must be assured the item works, so batteries are required!
  • Shoes that are worn looking or stained
    Broken items or items with missing pieces
    Clothing items priced above $50.00
    Used undergarments, pacifiers, or bottle nipples
    Drop down side cribs or any product recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission:
  • Note: Visit www.cpsc.gov for a full listing of recalled items.
  • Anything that cannot bring in at least $2.00:
  • Note: Grouping lower quality items (such as Target or Wal-Mart t-shirts) together can help you reach this $2.00 minimum.

  • Toys and Baby Furniture
    Toys and high quality baby furniture are some of the best selling items. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

    Items must be thoroughly cleaned and have all required pieces/parts:
  • Note: Shoppers want to be assured that items are clean, all screws/bolts are included, and that the items are stable and safe for their child.
  • Battery operated toys without batteries:
  • Note: Buyers must be assured the item works, so batteries are required.
  • Top Selling Items:
  • Power Wheels, clean double strollers, quality toys, jogging strollers, carseat/stroller combos, Exersaucers, baby swings, high chairs, bouncy seats, and large outside play toys.
  • Baby Beds and Pack-n-Plays:
  • Note: These items must be completedly assembled at drop off. If selling a baby bed, indicate on the card whether the mattress is included in the price. If the mattress is sold separately, it must have its own tag.
  • Videos:
  • Note: VHS tapes are NOT accepted.
  • We only accept DVD/Blue-Ray products that are in high demand, such as Disney products, Dora the Explorer, etc. Videos must be in their original packaging.
  • Items with tiny/loose pieces:
  • Note: All tiny/loose pieces should be packaged together in a zip lock bag. Attach the bag to the main item with heavy packing tape. On toys with multiple parts, consider putting masking tape tags on extra parts with your consignor ID and a "...goes with..." description. This will help us reunite parts if they become separated.
  • We do not accept Beanie Babies, Kids Meal toys, stuffed animals, etc.
    We do accept eletronic stuffed toys such as Big Bird, Talking Elmo, etc.
    Junior's and Women's Clothing
  • Junior clothing in preferred brands are limited to 5 items per consignor ID. Junior sizes are odd numbers: 1, 3, 5, etc.
  • Women's items in preferred brands are limited to 5 items per consignor ID.
  • We no longer accept t-shirts of any kind or brand in junior's or women's. Items that sell best are jeans, tops, dresses, athletic clothing, shoes, purses, and pants.
  • All items must be in current style. Duck Duck Goose may choose not to accept items based on condition, inventory, smell, or discernment of what our sale representatives feel will sell.

  • Rules about Carseats
    All car-seats are inspected by a certified car-seat technician before each Duck Duck Goose sale. Duck Duck Goose reserves the right to allow the car-seat technician to pull any items that do not meet the required safety standards and these items will not be sold.

  • DO NOT BRING any car seat that has been in a wreck or has ever been recalled.
  • Car-seats absolutely cannot have missing parts.
  • After five years, the straps have weakened in strength and are not guaranteed to hold up in the event of a wreck.
  • Car-seats must be clean without stains.
  • No frayed straps accepted.

  • Thanks for putting the safety of our children first and foremost. For car-seat recall information, visit www.carseat.org. You can also call toll free to the D.O.T. Auto Safety Hotline in Washington, D.C. at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT or check the recall information at the Department of Transportation at 1-800-424-9393.
    Disclaimer on Recalled Children's Products
    It is against the law to resell products that are on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website as having been deemed unsafe for children. To see if your product has been recalled, visit www.cpsc.gov. If you have a product that has ever been recalled, it will not be accepted at any Duck Duck Goose Sale.

    Also, items that hvae high contents of lead, such as children's jewelry, will not be accepted for consignment. If you have an item that is on the recall list for high lead content, a manufacturing defect or safety defect, you cannot bring it to one of our sales.

    Mom to Mom: If you, as a Duck Duck Goose shopper, see an item that should not be on teh sales floor, please alert us to pull it as we work together to keep our children as safe as possible.
    Damage and Theft Liability
    Duck Duck Goose makes every effort to properly handle, display and care for items placed in the sale. In the event of damage, loss, theft, fire, or natural disaster, DDG Consignment Events, Inc, DBA Duck Duck Goose Sale is not liable for these goods. Duck Duck Goose invests heavily in security at our event; we do our absolute best to insure the safety of your items.