What's New This Sale Season?

Would you like to earn top dollar for your consignment fee? Here's how!

Refer and Recruit TWO Consignors:
When you enlist TWO new consignors to Duck Duck Goose and they bring at 15 items or more, you will receive 70% of your sales! Ask your new consignors to email us YOUR NAME to information@duckduckgoosesale.com when they register to consign.

Next, you, as the friend who is referring consignors, will also send us an email with these three new consignor's names. The consignors must be new consignors to DDG. Immediate family members like a husband, daughter, etc. do not qualify.
Golden Rule Guarantee!
Your items are eligible for our Golden Rule Guarantee! The guarantee means that if your item is lost and we have not sold it for you, we will pay you for it!

Here's how the Golden Rule Guarantee works:

1. Consignors must use detailed tags and include a substantial description including brand, color, sex, and size.
2. Consignors must generate and bring a Drop Off report of the items listed in the sale.
3. Items must be in numerical order as they were entered, in order to make the check-in process faster and smoother. The order of your items should match the order on your printed inventory sheet.
4. Drive-Thru Drop Off participants are not eligible for the Golden Rule Guarantee.
5. It is the consignor's responsibility to make sure unsold items are retrieved and picked up by the end of the sale. The participating consignor MUST pick up the items in person. If a husband, friend, sister, or anyone other than the participating consignor picks up the items, the guarantee is void.
6. Questions or disputes must be addressed with DDG Consignment Events, Inc. at pick-up, including addressing any missing items before leaving the event location. Once the consignor has left pick-up, no disputes or claims can be made.