Why Shop Duck Duck Goose?

Tis the season for consignment sales! If you’ve never shopped at a consignment sale, you are in for quite an experience! Consignment stores, open year round, are different from consignment sales, which are typically held for only a few days or a weekend and are usually held bi-annually. Consignment sales are a fun way to purchase the next season’s clothing for your child at great prices. The clothing is gently used and priced by the original owner/seller, whereas at a consignment store the prices are set by the shop.

Many people are familiar with consignment stores, which are similar to shopping at a boutique or small shop only the items are second hand. Consignment sales are held seasonally and are another way to shop for your child while staying on a budget. Spring sales offer clothing for spring/summer. Fall sales offer clothing for fall/winter.

While many shoppers go to consignment sales and shops for new kid wardrobes at a good price, they are also great places to pick up those baby items that are only used for a short time period and sold gently used, such as bouncy seats, play mats, bumbo seats, swings, co-sleepers and pack and plays. High chairs, strollers, baby gates, toddler beds, books, cloth diapers, feeding supplies, and bedding for babies and toddlers are great finds at these sales and also found for good prices. Outdoor toys are another great buy, since many times these items are only used for a season or two before being outgrown.

Why Consign Duck Duck Goose?

Consignors Make More at Duck Duck Goose! Keep 70%-75% of Sales!
Consignors Shop Early for NO EXTRA FEES!
Easy to Use Tagging System!
Quickly Price your items using Smartphone Dictation!
Watch your sales grow LIVE each day!
Consignors receive sales check at the end of the sale!
Because you love a cleaner home and EXTRA CASH!

Golden Rule Guarantee!
Your items are eligible for our Golden Rule Guarantee! The guarantee means that if your item is lost and we have not sold it for you, we will pay for it.

Here's How the Golden Rule Guarantee Works:

1. Consignors must use detailed tags and include a substantial description including brand, color, sex, and size. A detailed tag allows us to match up lost tags to your items.
2. Consignors must generate and bring a Drop Off report of the items listed in the sale.
3. Items must be in numerical order as they were entered, in order to make the check-in process faster and smoother. The order of your items should match the order on your printed inventory sheet.
4. Drive-Thru Drop Off participants are not eligible for the Golden Rule Guarantee.
5. Donated items are NOT eligible to be guaranteed.
6. You can guarantee all of your items, or just certain items. Because the Guarantee process takes longer to check-in, we encourage you to consider guaranteeing only your higher priced items and not worrying about your lower priced items. If you want select items only guaranteed, just talk to your check in staff and tell them. It is not required, but it would speed up your check-in process if you price all of your guaranteed items one after another so they are grouped together on the drop off report. This will also help with a faster check-in!
7. It is the consignor's responsibility to make sure unsold items are retrieved and picked up by the end of the sale. The participating consignor MUST pick up the items in person. If a husband, friend, sister, or anyone other than the participating consignor picks up the items, the guarantee is void.
8. Questions or disputes must be addressed with DDG Consignment Events, Inc. at pick-up, including addressing any missing items beforeleaving the event location. Once the consignor has left pick-up, no disputes or claims can be made.